A Cup Of Chai And A Perspective On Life…

This is a post by a mother with a child on the spectrum. I dont know Suja personally. But it really is a wonderful perspective.Suja…I love this post.

A Mom's Tryst With Autism

This incident happened about two years back. We were on a road-trip from Delhi to Nainital and enroutewe stopped to have chai at a small tea stall. While we had chai, the tea stall owner asked Gopan if Dhruv had any issues!

Gopan very candidly said yes; the tea stall owner sighed and said that his 12 year old daughter too had some issues!! He had taken her to many doctors, but sadly nothing had worked. She was going to school yet kept getting distracted and forgetting things a lot.

I heard him speak but said nothing as there was no way I could help him. I sensed his sadness and realised in that moment he was actually unburdening and connecting with Gopan, one parent to another.

I looked at Dhruv sitting peacefully on a chair and thought, yes, he has Autism but he is lucky we can provideā€¦

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